Gathering Fresh New Ideas for our Fall Fashion Line

The best fashion companies draw inspiration for new designs from everywhere, which is why at Eskalation Clothing we put an emphasis on getting our designers out into the world to collect fresh and exciting fashion ideas. From the beginning of Eskalation Clothing, innovation was something that Marc Davidson focused heavily on, and it’s that focus that inspired us to send Stacy Miles, the designer in charge of our fall lineup to cultural Louisville to take in the Bespoke Fashion show.

The Bespoke Fashion Show is a major event each year that offers several days of new and innovative designs, and even offers a spot for local fashion design students to showcase their best work. It’s truly a breeding ground for ideas and a worthwhile location to visit to stay on the cutting edge of fashion.

Arriving in Louisville, Stacy checked into the famous Brown Hotel, known as ‘the best hotel and Louisville,’ and the first thing she did was Google ‘limo service louisville ky,’ and was quickly connected to Limos in Louisville, the best limousine service in Louisville. It was important that she create the right image at The Bespoke Fashion Show!

She spent the night photographing new ideas and documenting new ways to help keep our fashion fresh and exciting for years to come. She was impressed by the high quality pieces put on display, and the whole spectacle of the fashion show that Louisville put on. According to Stacy the “Limo Service was a real pleasure and added a nice luxurious touch to the whole trip.” Who says it doesn’t pay to work in fashion!

During her time in Louisville Stacy Miles captured some exciting new ideas from the Bespoke Fashion show, and she’s already hard at work with a team of our designers to infuse some of them into our fall fashion line. We’re beyond excited to show off some of our new ideas and our new line, so stay tuned for an update about our fall fashion looks for men and women looking to take their style to the next level of modern attire.

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