Eskalation Clothing Will Be Closed for the Week of November 14 – 18 for Long-Overdue Roof Repairs

Dear valued customers and faithful suppliers of Eskalation Clothing in Wichita, this blog post is to inform you that the Wichita branch of Eskalation Clothing will be closed during the week of November 14 – 18, 2016 so that the entire roof of the store can be replaced.

The work, by the way, will be done by Roofing Wichita Kansas, a very highly rated roofer which offered us a remarkable bargain that no other roofing companies in Wichita could (or would) even come close to matching.

We told them that in appreciation of their amazing offer we would tell all our friends about them. So if you would like to learn a little more about just exactly who Roofing Wichita Kansas is, please click here.



Before the roof is replaced, we are holding a big clearance sale. Everything in the Wichita branch of Eskalation Clothing will be marked down 40%.

This is going to be a very big sale, and you will not want to miss it.

After the roof is repaired, we will have a party for all our customers, with free drinks and snacks for everyone. We invite as many of you as can make it to please come!

Charlie Parkins, the up and coming Country & Western artist from Wichita will be there providing live entertainment with his band, the Narrow Horses, and Sally Michelson will be there too. She’s not well-known as a country singer yet, but you watch: she is going to be. And you can tell all your friends that you saw her first at the Eskalation Clothing Store in Wichita.

After the new roof is on, we will be receiving a new shipment of Everest Alpaca Jackets, which as you know we have been out of for many weeks.

We will also be receiving a new shipment of Reindeer Skin Boots from Norway, which many of you have been asking for.

In addition we hope to be receiving a new shipment of cashmere sweaters from Peru, and Boticellean lace from France. This is not absolutely guaranteed at this point, but it is moving toward being very close to certain.

So please keep your eyes on Eskalation! Though we will be closed for a week, we are still the most exciting clothing store in Wichita. We have been for the last ten years now. And we will be into the far distant future as well.

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