An Exciting Plan To Introduce Our New Clothing Line

Eskalation designs turn heads wherever they are seen . . . New York, Chicago, Miami and beyond!

When designer Marc Davidson came up with a totally new and bold rustic motif for our new clothing line, we figured that shooting the fashion layout would need a appropriately suitable location beyond our usual San Francisco haunts.

After performing some Internet searches we discovered and we knew we had reached Nirvana.

A Bold New Look In A Bold New Place

 Eskalation has been at the forefront of fashion and well received from the streets of Paris to the nightclubs in Barcelona.

When Marc Davidson decided to adapt a retro 80’s style employing kind of sport, military look to this Spring’s clothing line, his vision needed just the right backdrop.

In the past, places like the Golden Gate had worked well for Eskalation’s draping designs.

This new look needed to be shot out, about and au natural. The Swiss Alps would be ideal. The striking new style was channeled after the precision look of the military uniforms of the third world.

Well, taking a film crew and three high fashion models to Switzerland was impractical. After visiting we knew we had found the solution.

 What Works For Weddings Can Work For Haute Couture

 Lower Lake Ranch is a famous destination near Denver that boasts some of the greatest vistas to be found anywhere on Earth!

Every year, dozens of couples get married there. When you go to you see that there are a variety of locations right on the property where you can find exquisite backgrounds.

In most of our clothing line photography, we have shot scenes with a very shallow depth of field. In other words, the background is purposely thrown out of focus compared to

the foreground.

This serves to accentuate the product, our clothing line. At Lower Lake Ranch, we couldn’t bear to throw the backgrounds out of focus because they were absolutely breathtakingly magnificent!

Because Lower Lake Ranch has hotel rooms on the premises, we were able to fly our entire San Francisco team of cameramen, make-up and talent along with our fashion coordinator and arrange for them to all stay there. The shoot went fantastic!

Rolling Out The New Fashion Line

 Retro chic offers a very compelling look. The backgrounds we had originally seen at did not disappoint!

The bold backgrounds near the Staunton State Park also close to Black Mountain and Lion’s Head provided us with spectacular scenes to show our models sporting this great new clothing line.

Posters featuring our branding are now in every Eskalation store throughout America and additionally in some of the subsidiaries that carry our brand.

We couldn’t be happier and want to give a big shout-out to Lower Lake Ranch for the great accommodations they provided us!

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